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The Amethyst Grid

It started a year ago as just another side project app. Neither I had the required knowledge nor the time. Nevertheless, the idea stayed with me. At its core, it was all about connecting. Connecting to share. But within a year, a little bit of experience  made me realize that there is so much which happens when people connect. So much data which can be shared, so much information which you can use, but only if you want to. So, here's the original idea. I named it as "Friends Around". After installing, you would be asked to enter your personal information fields which you wanted to be shared. Now, in a crowded place one could view your profile and interact with you, if you had your bluetooth on. That was it, all about connecting you to people, with a chance of meeting them in real life.

The Amethyst Grid is the steroid version of Friends Around. It's been around 2 months since we started working on it. Amethyst is a network of smartphones which can easily scale and is totally dynamic. Why the steroid version? Just because of the increased range? No. The inherent property of the grid is that it's abstract and can be used in any scenario. The grid comprises of smartphones, phones which pack a punch with sensors embedded in them. The data which can be harvested from the network can play a very crucial role in detecting and alerting an oncoming earthquake. With an early disaster detection system, a fast and robust network, and 100s of phones to check for a false alarm, this seems a viable as well as a reliable system.

But, that's not the end of it. My MMX A110Q can easily do  50 million computations in 53 seconds. All that computing power in the box and yet I use it to just stay updated. Yes, I am talking about bringing Distributed Computing to the Mobile phones sector. With the success of SETI and the Folding project, it's clearly proven how distributed computing  can change the world. And soon you too will be able to. What's in it for you? That's a surprise.

This is not the end either. That's the point, it never ends, it has endless possibilities. From your very own localized and dynamic network of people, to your map in a new city, from an accident alert system, to your discount hunter. It's anything, it's everything, it's you. Without you it collapses, without you it's just nothing. You hold the power here. You become the network.

We are 6 people working tirelessly to achieve it. As stated above, it has been around 2 months, and we are looking forward to a private beta in around February. Stay with me for more updates.

And yes, we are hell bent on making this.


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