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Adventure Time: Ethereum

Blockchain on steroids, the most appropriate description of Ethereum I found on the soon to change internet. As said in the wired talk, bitcoin could very well fail but blockchain is here to stay. And the guys at Ethereum knew this very well. In very brief, Ethereum is what the internet should have been but then we changed the way to use it and turned a decentralized network into a centralized one. Why on steroids if you may ask, well, Ethereum has its own use of blockchain. One of the distinguishing ones is the execution of code or as they call it, "Contracts". Pieces of code living on the blockchain being executed if invoked is, in my opinion , revolutionizing. It makes bitcoin look like an element of the set of things you could do with the blockchain. By now you understand how excited I am about this new tech in town, primarily because  I see Ethereum and Grid forming for a single purpose, to distribute the power, to decentralize.

To begin with the development, I would suggest heading to their site. There they have snippets and full codes to get the environment running, and to do a lot more, for example, make your own crypto currency , or make your own Democratic Autonomous Organization etc. Well I tried my hand at it and made a chatroom on the blockchain, where miners first mined the transaction that I am deploying a contract(code) and then when the contract is up there, the functions being executed by the contract are also mined. So, when you invoke the register() function of the contract, it gets translated to a transaction and gets mined, same is the case with sendMessage(). Basically, everything, from registering your name in the chatroom to sending a message, is a transaction that gets printed on the blockchain. And I really like this idea of leveraging the blockchain to do something that probably wasn't its original job. Well, I have high expectations from the platform and also a feeling that they will deliver. Till then, here is the contract code of chatroom, keep coding.

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